Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hari ini undi awal dijalankan untuk PDRM, ATM dan isteri / suami mereka. Setiap orang yang mengundi dicalitkan dakwat kekal berwarna ungu di jari telunjuk sebelah kiri. SPR jamin bahawa hanya dakwat kekal digunakan. Namun sangat kasihan apabila ada dua malaun yang cuba untuk menjatuhkan kredibiliti SPR dengan percubaan menghilangkan dakwat yang telah dicalit pada jari pengundi. Biasalah, apabila tiada modal, kerja puak-puak ini memfirnah dan mencari kesalahan orang lain sahaja. Niat mereka mahu kantoikan SPR. Tapi kasihan, mereka sendiri yang kantoi menipu.

PKR Attempts To Prove Indelible Ink Can Be Removed Using Postal Voter
THE ATTEMPT FAILED! Whilst ink was partially removed, only 30-40% of the ink actually came off. THE REST OF THE INK ACTUALLY REMAINED ON THE FINGER, with the stain easily discernible by anyone examining whether a voter has voted at the polling centre. And this with considerable time and effort spent on removing the stain!
Of course, despite their failure, we expect PKR and their Pakatan chums will likely sensationalize and spin the whole matter. Note the pics here would of course show their 'heroes' and their attempt, however, the more important image is that of the finger STILL MARKED BY INK DESPITE THEIR EFFORTS!
More importantly for me are questions that their attempt leave unanswered such as:
1 - Why do they spend so much effort on discrediting the internationally acknowledged indelible ink method to ensure the sanctity of our votes when they should be focussing on getting votes, especially as both Tian Chua and Nurul Izzah are losing?
2 - Is this yet another symptom of their realising Pakatan is about to lose PRU13 and their preparing the excuse for their supporters and international backers?
3 - Uhmmm... How do we know the guy they did the test on really was a postal voter? And wouldn't SPR use a different colour come polling day?
Aiya, even these questions give me doubt whether these 2 Pakatan candidates deserve a vote! Focus on getting votes la, focus on what voters want! Not focus on excuses on why they might lose before ballots are even cast! - Blog Arkhamsyah Tan Sri Sanusi

Tak sangka kredibiliti PKR serendah ini. Sungguh tidak layak menjadi pemimpin. TERDESAK!


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