Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What really happened on 28/4?

Nik Aziz Nik Mat in his tweet blames the police in an accident which he suggested pedestrians were injured (some people even said the victim DIED), when actually there was NO REPORT of anyone hit by a car.

The mob were seen inflicting serious injuries to the policeman driver involved. Was Nik Aziz telling the truth? Apparently not. He was hiding it, to justify the protestors actions.

Here I'm showing you how the incident really happened.

1. Mob attacked police car

2. Notice the cone thrown on the bonnet

Full video here

3. Driver was hurt, slumped on the steering wheel, and car moved on. Notice the broken windscreen, and the cone still on bonnet.

4. Car headed to crowd. Notice the dent on the car side.

5. Car hitting crowd.

Full video here

6. Mob attacked halted car. Notice the cone was still on the car.

7. Notice the car now suffer further damage.

8. Mob getting at the driver (suspected unconcious already by then).

9. Now more people are getting at the driver, not to help him, but to hurt him even more.

(In advanced country, people don't get after hurt driver to inflict more injury on him, even if he was a criminal, now here we have a policeman in distress.) 

10. And the rest of the scene is here (link), as propagandised by Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

My opinion, if anyone was killed in the incident, the guilty party was the mob. I'm so sad that a leader of Nik Aziz's stature, a self-acclaimed ulama who's supposed to preach good deeds, actually has a total disregard of an innocent person, not an ordinary person, but one responsible for public safety and peace.

Footage from Malaysiakini

This is really really SAD

11. And, finally...

credits to pageorama.com

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